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Community – South Portland, ME

Connect with the Community, Connect with Yourself

Dr. Parét doesn’t want to stop at just treating her patients’ dental issues; she strives to help her community in other ways as well in order to address the true cause of these problems as thoroughly as possible. Our dental office is closely involved with the yoga and movement community. We also work with a number of local nonprofits, physicians and a couple of animal rescues. If you have a cause that’s near and dear to your heart,  we want to hear from you  about how we can help! Here are some of the causes and organizations we’re involved with.

Hustle and Flow – Movement

Unlike big chain dance studios or gyms, Hustle and Flow embraces everyone’s uniqueness. Here, it’s about so much more than exercise and dance—it’s a transformative experience as well! You are encouraged to find freedom and empowerment through movement.

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Caroline Bowman – Intuitive Nutrition

Eating right doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Restrictive diets or calorie counting promote negative feelings toward food, but licensed dietitian Caroline can help you build a happier, more rewarding relationship with your own body and make it easier to make better choices when nourishing it. With her guidance, you can enjoy mindful eating without the guilt.

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Margo Rosingana

With Margo Rosingana, yoga is a truly comprehensive experience. She has studied with some of the most talented and well-known practitioners so that she can help clients have a deeper, more meaningful connection with their bodies and minds.

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North Spore – Mushrooms

Certain mushrooms have long been known to enable the body to function more optimally. Now, modern advancements mean that you can take advantage of the healing power of mushrooms in various ways, including extract, dried mushrooms, teas, and even capsules. North Spore is a great resource for this kind of therapy and offers a wide range of products to meet your mushroom needs.

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Dr. Ben Hagopian Integrative Medicine

At Maine Integrative Medicine, you don’t have to choose between personalized, excellent care and modern advancements. Dr. Ben Hagopian utilizes a direct primary care model, which means that he’s focused on your individual needs. Instead of being shuffled in and out as quickly as possible, you get his undivided attention. This is one of the few practices in the community that shares our passion for overall wellness and care.

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Breathing Room – Yoga

At the Breathing Room, there is no room for competition, comparing yourself to others, or negativity. Regardless of your skill level, their team welcomes everyone and has something to offer whether it’s a gentle stretching class or a rigorous movement exercise. With small class sizes, the instructors are able to devote attention to each individual, helping them improve technique and have a more fulfilling yoga experience that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

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Portland Farmers Market

When it comes to produce, you can’t beat fresh fruits, vegetables, and other products straight from the farm. Portland Farmers Market allows you to support local farmers and enjoy the best that Maine has to offer. When you shop here, you’re guaranteed to find produce that can help you nourish and energize your body and feel your best. This outdoor farmers market is open twice a week from April through November and also helps those in need with food access.

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Ladies Adventure Club Maine

Although there are plenty of interest groups for people to knit or do other common hobbies, the Ladies Adventure Club is for those who want to explore and experience the great outdoors. Not only do members get to see breathtakingly beautiful vistas and share their adventures from around the world, but they also learn life-saving wilderness skills like shelter and fire building. Adventure awaits, so get moving!

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